Let’s talk about Albums.

An album is just an album right? Something your wedding photos are popped in and initially paraded around friends and family before being stored away to be brought out on special occasions or when our children/grandchildren look at them to laugh at Uncle Bob’s suit? Well I suppose some albums are like this, photos stuck in with sticky picture corners that lose their stick over time or in the best case scenario a photo book with the photo’s “professionally printed” onto the paper. However at Pho2u! we like to do things a little differently.

Drum Roll please………….

Introducing our Luxury Photo Book. TAH DAH!

From the outset our Luxury Photo Book has a very different look to most albums. This is due to the fact that is beautifully hand-crafted with an acrylic panel containing a mounted photograph giving your album a unique and personalised look. With many albums the look of double paged pictures can be ruined due to the way the pages are bound and the only way they the picture can be viewed properly is by gingerly pulling the pages back, which over time will weaken. The Pho2u! Luxury Photo Book have stitch-bound pages that allow each page to lay flat without that characteristic “book bulge” or weakening of the spine. One of the features we are most proud of is the heavy-weight card pages that will last a lifetime and keep your album looking as good as the day we deliver it.

We are also proud to boast that the Luxury Photo Book comes as standard as part of both our Fairy Tale Package and Happily Ever After Package, which means that whilst it is a Luxury Photo Book in quality it’s not a luxury in price.

But now for the really clever part, our Luxury Photo Book does not need to be hidden away! Whilst many albums are designed to be put on a shelf or popped away in the memory box our Luxury Photo Book is free-standing, meaning that the acrylic mounted photograph becomes a photograph to be displayed and the album easily picked up to flick through and wander down memory lane.

I am sure you can tell by now how much we really love our Luxury Photo Book and whilst this list sounds impressive – what does it actually mean? What does it really look like?

Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words and therefore we have a new video of our Luxury Photo Book. Why not check it out for yourself?

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