Now for those who know me well, I am a self-confessed Geek, but not just any kind of Geek though. I am a proper GADGET GEEK!

For my recent birthday, my rather wonderful Wife brought me the new Sony Smart Watch. The Watch is marketed as “Android compatible and keeps you discreetly updated and hands–free”, the only thing that is wrong with this description is the word ‘discreet’ – there is nothing discreet about this watch and I most certainly don’t hide my rather cool all singing and dancing watch! Usually having a new piece of gadgetry such as a smart watch that I can sync with my phone would keep me really happy for a while whilst I discover new ways to use the device and spend time adjusting it to my specifications, however on 11th October 2013 I took delivery of my brand new camera. Now don’t get me wrong, my old camera is amazing and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact you could call it my old faithful… But, and this is a massive BUT!


I suppose the details first, it’s a NIKON D600, which in itself is very exciting, however the real excitement is the new lens which is a 50mm 1.4 lens. Now I realise that it does not sound very exciting, but for those of you who know lenses then you will understand just how magic this lens really is.

However if the 50mm 1.4 lens just tells you the size and not much more, this is what it does. This lens helps create that soft slightly dreamy whimsical look. Think of those wedding photographs that are soft and romantic yet are clear and crisp and defined. Colours are bright and well defined yet easy and pleasing on the eye.

Of course once out of the packaging and set up off I went with the camera to put through its paces. Now obviously my favourite subject to capture would be that of my family and this roughly translates to lots of pictures of Alfie. However, it didn’t feel that this was testing enough and so it was taken along to a wedding fair and used in situ of a real venue and its lighting. As you can see from my “test” shots I am pretty happy with my new toy, and I am now just itching to take it out the next wedding!

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The above photos feature the following suppliers:
Essendon Country Club
Gary Schiffman – Magician
The Dream Wedding Company
The Sweet Boutique – Emma Davies Events
Peaches Bridal
Frankies Florist
Beauty Call
Classic Wedding Car Hire

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