Love is love. Equality for all. Everyone is welcome.

We want to share this amazing news with you all, we are now a supplier of LGBTQ Equality Weddings!

There’s nothing different about any wedding, they all include the most important ingredient – LOVE.

We love every wedding we capture no matter of their race, religion, sexual orientation, look or any other factor, we just want to be part of your day and capture it in the most beautiful way we can – equality is of massive importance to us and that is why we have now teamed up with LGBTQ Equality Weddings to ensure you don’t have to worry about what we may think when you contact us.

We have been asked on numerous occasions ‘do you shoot gay weddings?’, why should you have to ask? You shouldn’t!

So, at wedding shows you will see us proudly wearing our beautiful new pin badge to show you don’t even have to ask


We photograph all weddings regardless of orientation, gender, race, religion, budget, or style. All weddings are different because all couples are different, yet they all share one thing; LOVE.
The majority of our weddings have been heterosexual (straight) weddings, which we love, but we want everyone to know that we photograph all weddings, whether or not you see your identity represented in our current portfolios. We’ve recently had the privilege of capturing two brides and we loved that too (see images below)! We can’t tell you of a wedding we shot that we didn’t love.
All of this to say that we are an inclusive business who are keen to diversify our portfolio, so if you don’t feel represented enough yet by our images, please know that you are represented in our language and our ethos and we’re here to shoot your big day.


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